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The car was not that big and the same was with the roads, the roads were so narrow, so there was only one lane and the opposite cars had to wait at the side of the road so that you could pass by.

In the car was Salvatore, the man who was to guide us around Sorrento.


We had the car window open and there was a lovely and strong fragrance that we reacted to but we couldn't really know what it was, so we asked Salvatore if he also felt the scent and he laughed a little and said ”that smell is Sorrento”.


We thought about the smell we recognised so well and kept guessing all the way to our destination, could it be.. we guessed ”soap, cheesecake, jasmine flowers”.


When we arrived at the destination we got the answer to our question and so the final pieces of the puzzle fell into place, Salvatore parked the car, we looked up and laughed, ”aah.. of course, this is where the scent comes from”, laughing and blaming not knowing straight away on being tired from the flight!