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Next day..

We woke up to the fresh Sorrento air, in a place called Lemon Flats.

Downstairs in our kitchen we open the fridge to prepair a nice breakfast and find something looking like fresh juice, which it turned out not to be.

It was a very fresh taste, but also something very strong.. not the kind of morning juice we are used to.. and we happily started guessing what it could be again.

Suddenly it knocked on the door.. and there stood Giovanna (Salvatores wife).

She welcomed us and invited us for a breakfast in the garden.

During breakfast, surrounded by Lemons groves with Giovanna and Salvatore, we started talking about Sorrento and all the lemons and they told us everything that they used the lemons for.

Most of the breakfast table included things locally produced with lemon as the main ingredient, such as marmalade, olive oil and lemon juice.

The lemon juice did not taste as the one in the fridge, so we asked them what the difference was and they wondered if we already had tasted the Limoncello.... 

Curious as we are, we spent the rest of the day finding out more about their beloved lemons and limoncello production.