Please care for your HappySweeds umbrella!

All HappySweeds umbrellas are made with top quality materials. We have put significant emphasis on quality. However, there are components that might be sensetive despite the substanial measures carried out on out part.

Our advise: Make every possible effort to dry the umbrella properly after usage!



A wet umbrella should always be dried after usage. Folding a wet umbrella can have a negative effect on the character & quality of the textile component. Furthermore, in certain circumstances, the metal ribs might be subject to rust. All efforts have been made to avoid the latter including extra protective coating.

We, as you do, want your top-quality umbrella to look smart not only today but also for a considerable period of time. If you dry the umbrella well and fold it properly, it will continue to "look good".


Shine bright in the rain!

/Your HappySweeds team.